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  • Cloud-Based; use any device with internet capabilities (smart phone, iPad, laptop, tablet, etc.)
  • Complete Inspection Management
  • Secure and Centralized Location
  • Automatic Notifications of Deficient, Upcoming and Past-Due Inspection Reports
  • Real-Time Access to Information and Communication
  • Decreased Administrative, IT, Software, and Hardware Costs
  • Ability to Increase Revenues
  • GREEN Solution
  • So Much More... CONTACT US

Click on any of the FAQs below to learn more about IROL.

How does IROL work?

  • Each entity who registers is given an IROL ID Code (for example, a Property Owner/Occupant might be PO11111). These codes link the reports from the Service Provider to the Property Owner/Occupant and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Only registered IROL users will have ID Codes.
  • Tutorials on how to use each site are on the dashboards along with a user guide. IROL also offers training sessions in-house or via a join.me session on the web.

What is the “cloud”?

What are the software and hardware requirements to use IROL?

How, when, and where can I use and access IROL?

Who are IROL’s Users/Customers?

Does this site offer something for each user?

Why Choose IROL?

Does IROL Benefit our Community?

What Inspections does IROL offer?

Do Reports follow local, state and national Codes?

What is the Cost to use IROL?

In reality, if utilizing IROL costs the Service Provider, one way or another won’t the Property Owner’s price increase?

Many Service Providers have contractual agreements with Property Owners for services, and they claim that electronic filing is an additional service and cost not covered under agreement. How does a Property Owner respond?

Why should a Jurisdiction share in revenue?

How can Jurisdictions justify mandating electronic submittals?

Why don’t the Jurisdictions/departments run their own sites?

Many Service Providers already offer electronic reports; why should they use IROL?

How Secure is the data/information supplied on IROL?

What about barcoding; can we use IROL if we barcode? Doesn’t barcoding insure the Property Owner that the Service Provider inspected their devices?

Is IROL easy to use?

Does IROL offer training?

Can we add multiple users and organize users?


Can IROL really save me time and money?

What Organizations/Associations is IROL a member of?