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What is IROL?

InspectionReportsOnline.net (IROL) is a Web-Based Inspection Report Management System for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) , Service Providers (SP) , and Commercial Property Owners/Occupants (PO). IROL assists in streamlining the inspection process to increase productivity, communication, and compliance.

Online Reporting

Centralized and Secure

IROL acts as one centralized and secure location to perform, complete, submit, receive, manage, file, and share inspection reports. Each entity has specific benefits and features; enhancing productivity and eliminating much of the costs associated with software, hardware, and administrative duties.

IROL understands the uniqueness of our entities. We will act as a Partner and work with our customers in making sure the IROL system provides the best opportunities.


Visit our Home Page and click on the entity which describes you to learn more about specific benefits and features and to also watch a brief tutorial on how IROL works.