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Streamlining the Inspection Process for Authorities Having Jurisdiction, Service Providers, and Commercial Property Owners; increasing productivity, communications, and compliance.

IROL was designed out of the frustrations as a Service Provider. Our site isn’t about taking your reports and placing them online; it’s about assisting and enhancing the Inspection Process using an efficient and effective system.

IROL’s Web-based System allows Service Providers to perform, complete, submit, manage, file, and share inspection reports with Authorities Having Jurisdiction and/or Commercial Property Owners from one centralized and secure location.

From registration through continued use, IROL offers turnkey solutions best fitting our user’s needs. We become a partner with your organization.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Web-based; use any device with internet capabilities
  • Secured data and multiple backups
  • Centralized location for inspection management
  • Direct and real-time communication with Authorities Having Jurisdiction and/or Property Owners/Customers
  • In compliance with NFPA/IFC/ICC
  • Access to filed reports, contact and other system information 24/7
  • Ability to track and follow-up with deficient/ critically deficient reports
  • Decreased administrative, IT, software and hardware cost
  • Ability to increase revenues
  • Low, pay-as-you-use fee with payment options
  • So much more…www.InspectionReportsOnline.net